Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Very quick takeout of Gradle

  • Gradle is a DSL created with Groovy.
  • Gradle build script is simply Groovy code that drives the Gradle API.
  • As a Java developer, to think of build.gradle script is writing main() method in a class that implemented  Project  interface.
  • Gradle scripts are made of "task"s, an equivalent of "target" in Ant, or "goal" in Maven.
  • There are Plugins available for different languages which includes the "task"s based on languages convention. Such as Java, after added plugin, try gradle tasks to verify what tasks are available.
    apply plugin: 'java'
  • To understand the basic of Gradle, read User Guide chapter 6 Build Script Basics.
  • The ultimate reference for Gradle DSL, all the elements of scripts.
  • To start write build script for Java project. Read User Guide chapter 23. The Java Plugin.

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