Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why shouldn't you hire Maureen Wood as home inspector?

Maureen Wood is the home inspector from Town & Country Home Inspections. She is the worst home inspector ever. There are many reasons support this.

1) She only check roofing from ground level, that means she doesn't check gutter, roof surface. If your house have chimney, then the connection between roof and chimney is also not able to inspect from ground level.

2) She doesn't inspect attic by entering into the attic. She only puts half of her head into attic, and take some pictures of the ceiling of the attic. That means she won't inspect the depth of the insulation in the attic. She won't check the floor of the attic and that could hide a lot of secretes, like raccoon problem. And she also won't check if soffit vent is open to the attic.

3) She has no home construction experience and she is not handy as well. She couldn't access attic because she can't remove the sliding door from closet where the attic entrance is. Some common problems in a house which should be a simple maintain job for home owner like hair clog in the drain. She identified as a problem rather than gives home buyer suggestion how to maintain it.

4) She duplicates paragraphs in the home inspection report in order to make the report looks thick, because she knows nobody will read the report thoroughly.

5) She knows very well to protect herself. If she failed her job, home buyer is very hard to sue her.

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